Where is eReading most popular?

Entering random search terms into Google Trends is something that never gets old. It’s a great way to figure out what is important to people around the world, and what types of information they are seeking out. Using this Google feature, I wanted to see where searches eReading, eBooks, and eReading devices are most popular. What I found was a little surprising.

Search term: eBooks

Looks like India, South Africa, and the Philippines lead the world in Google searches for eBooks. Most interestingly, Pakistan and Singapore follow in fourth and fifth respectively. Perhaps due to the restrictive censorship laws in these nations, people are turning to the Web and eBooks to read forbidden titles like Orwell’s Animal Farm. The Internet has been key to the dissemination of literature, knowledge, and intellectual freedom.
Search term: Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle gets plugged into UK search boxes more than anywhere else in the world. Looks like eReading and Kindling have driven interest especially in Kensington and Birmingham. Back to the U.S., two cities in Texas made the top ten list. Maybe Gov. Rick Perry published an eBook. Russia made it to number eight, and I would look for their place in the Kindle community to rise in coming years. eReading has really taken off in the former Soviet Union. Onyx Boox, the best of the smaller eReading companies, has been able to grab hold of a small share in the global market. There is a U.S. vendor in Georgia currently. I have been dying to get an Onyx Boox i62 HD to review. It is the second-ever eReading device to feature an HD E Ink display (don’t even bother with the iRiver Story; the Kindle 3 has a better display due to iRiver’s contrast issues, and their firmware is super outdated), and many have posted about its amazing firmware capabilities. I wish American companies would prioritize HD screens and advanced firmware (I’m talking about you Sony, Nook, and Amazon). Anyway, I will hope to provide more details in a future review. Keep searching for eBooks, and keep reading them.

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