Sony PRS-T2 epic fail . . .

Sony PRS-T2

I must admit that I am still super bummed about the Sony PRS-T2’s lack of a real technical upgrade. There are so many things that Sony could have done to make their new reader stand out, but they seem to be totally out of touch with the serious eReading community. I’m sure that many people look at posts like this one and roll their eyes, wondering why tech people whine about devices so much. But for those who have been with Sony Readers since the PRS-500 (September 2006), we expect more. Sony used to be the Cadillac of eReaders. Tooled aluminum frames, state-of-the-art software, handwriting & notes, touch and stylus interface with internal stylus storage; all of these things wowed and impressed those of us who were bored with the Kindle. After making one innovation after the next (Sony was the first to attempt a built in “glow” LED light feature and touchscreen with the PRS-700), the brand ran out of steam. Maybe once they realized that they could no longer charge $300-$400 for E Ink devices, they gave up trying to impress.

Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and Kobo have been eating up Sony’s market share, and it seems like the PRS series has taken a back seat to other projects. They released a couple of really ugly tablets last year, including the Sony Tablet P (a truly horrible Nintendo DS knockoff) which has had its list price slashed by $200 over the past months. I was really hoping for the PRS division to turn it around and be the first to release an eReader with a High Definition E Ink display. Sony already has the best looking Pearl displays on the market; why couldn’t they take it a step farther and at least improve the font rendering software (like B&N does with “Best Text”). Looks like I will have to continue to wait for the HD reader of my reading dreams.

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