Asus Windows 8 tablets will be expensive

On MobileRead, darksaber35 posted a link to leaked information about an upcoming line of Asus Windows 8 tablets. Since his original post on September 18th, the story he linked to has been removed (suspicious). Apparently, it included the above pricing guide to Asus’ new family of Windows 8 tablets, and it looks like prices for those devices will be extremely high, especially with the keyboard doc.

According to some of the specifications, it sounds like they are priced right for their power and features, but would you really pay as much as you would for a full Windows 8 PC as you would for a tablet? You would have a lot more functionality, but why not just buy a laptop instead? The Microsoft Surface tablet is also supposed to carry a hefty fee. Who knows if the Surface tablet will ever really see widespread release, or if Windows will back down and continue to license OEM hardware partners. I have read blogger rumors that the Surface launch was only a marketing ploy, and that Windows 8 tablets will be overwhelmingly sold by other tablet makers.

Although these new Asus Windows 8 tablets might be priced fairly, do you think they will sell?

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