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Inside your Kindle Paperwhite

If you haven’t come across Dave’s EEVBlog tear-downs on YouTube before, this Kindle Paperwhite autopsy would be a great place to start. Ever wonder what the inside of your eReader looks like? Watch Dave pop apart his Paperwhite and offer … Continue reading

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Amazon RIPS iPad Mini on home page

Amazon is blatantly, yet rightfully, ripping the iPad Mini, right on its homepage! The side-by-side comparison of the iPad Mini and 7″ Kindle Fire HD should be incredibly effective in persuading first-time tablet buyers. Clearly, the Kindle Fire has … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy cancels Google Nexus 10 launch event

The very real threat of Hurricane Sandy is affecting more than just the morning commute of east coast residents today. At 10:00am EST, Google was supposed to unveil its new Nexus 7 and 10 Android tablets, plus the rumored Nexus … Continue reading

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Whispercast may not be as convenient as I thought

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post describing Amazon’s new Whispercast content delivery tool. It enables teachers to send out Kindle eBooks to all of their students over a wireless connection from one, centralized account. This helps to … Continue reading

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Google Nexus 10 to best iPad 4’s retina display

Backlash against Apple’s decision to feature a sub-standard display on its new iPad Mini has been swift. The Mini has been almost universally panned by tech gurus, bloggers, and informed consumers alike. Its 1024 x 768 (162 ppi) display resolution … Continue reading

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The New iPad Mini: not good news for readers

The iPad Mini (Apple’s first foray into the 7″ tablet market) was announced today. Woooooo . . . I guess after hearing rumors and speculations about this device for over a year, I am a little underwhelmed. My lack of … Continue reading

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Amazon touts Kindle at School / Whispercast programs in video is touting their Kindle at School education program in a video posted to their YouTube account today. These trial runs, which incorporate the Kindle into students’ homework and daily classroom activities, have taken place at schools like Clearwater High … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye DX

Well, don’t bother seeking out that $299 deal on the Kindle DX I posted about the other day. Shortly after the discount showed up on Amazon’s DX listing, all in-stock units sold out, and it looks like they aren’t going … Continue reading

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Kindle DX quietly priced at $299

Today, I noticed that has quietly dropped the price of its 9.7-inch eReader, the Kindle DX, from $379 to $299. In the past, Amazon has discounted the DX for special occasions like fire sales and Black Friday, but after … Continue reading

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My Kindle Paperwhite light performance: splotchy

Just as Amazon promised, my Kindle Paperwhite arrived in my hands today. I placed my order on the first day it became available (I camped out on Amazon’s homepage, refreshing it until the Paperwhite order option went live), so I … Continue reading

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