Amazon RIPS iPad Mini on home page

Amazon is blatantly, yet rightfully, ripping the iPad Mini, right on its homepage! The side-by-side comparison of the iPad Mini and 7″ Kindle Fire HD should be incredibly effective in persuading first-time tablet buyers. Clearly, the Kindle Fire has the advantage in a number of different areas, speaker and screen quality especially. I was wondering how Amazon or B&N would respond to the iPad Mini release, and it looks like public shaming is the way to go for Bezos & Co. Nothing has changed on, but I imagine there will be a Mini reference at some point, probably closer to the holidays. I can’t wait for the fourth quarter sales estimations to start rolling in next year; it will be interesting to see who wins the tablet war of Christmas 2012.

I have posted a lot of negative commentary about Apple products lately, but don’t get the wrong impression. I have a very positive Apple review coming right around the corner.

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2 Responses to Amazon RIPS iPad Mini on home page

  1. ngnrdgrl says:

    I saw this yesterday! So funny!!! I had to immediately show my Android Nerd of a fiance. lolz! I love the quote too. I love how it is the first thing everyone sees when they go to Amazon.

    • Andrew says:

      Haha! Apple totally deserves it though. If you watch the Mini keynote, towards the end, they put a blatant Nexus 7 tablet on-screen and do a side-by-side comparison (of course, they just called it a “competing Android tablet”). The iPad Mini should really be Apple’s version of Ford Motor Company’s Edsel, but I’m worried that there are too many uninformed consumers out there for it to fail. Everything about it is below-spec or below-standard. If they didn’t decide to make the latest iPod so expensive (does anyone really buy those anymore?), they might have been able to get away with the poor screen resolution at a much better price-point, but they didn’t want two iDevices to compete. At least that is my theory.

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