Inside your Kindle Paperwhite

If you haven’t come across Dave’s EEVBlog tear-downs on YouTube before, this Kindle Paperwhite autopsy would be a great place to start. Ever wonder what the inside of your eReader looks like? Watch Dave pop apart his Paperwhite and offer an expert-guided tour of the electronics, screen, chips, and various technical features of the device. The most interesting part of this video for me was the under-the-hood look at the Paperwhite’s LED lights and diffusion guide. Originally, I had thought that the plastic bezel around the bottom of my display was causing a disruption in light distribution, but, as the image below shows, even with the front face of the device off, the shadowing issues remain. Perhaps the uneven lighting is an unavoidable result of the LEDs hitting the screen in such close proximity? I am also left to wonder why the LEDs must remain on all of the time.

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