Kindle Paperwhite gets firmware update to improve fonts

Amazon has just announced that a new software update (5.3.0) is available for the Kindle Paperwhite. Users can visit the Paperwhite’s Help page, download the update, then simply drop the file into the Paperwhite folder that appears on your desktop when you connect it via USB. Once disconnected, go into the settings menu and select “update Kindle.” I have preferred updating my Kindles manually as it usually takes Amazon a couple of weeks to push out the update over wireless.

Amazon lists the following new features with this update:

  • Improved Fonts:  We have made changes to Palatino, Baskerville, and Futura fonts to make them look even better on Kindle Paperwhite. You will notice this when reading books, as well as in menus. We’ve also improved the Japanese and Chinese fonts on your Kindle and tuned spacing to provide a better reading experience.
  • Turn off Recommended Content in Home:  You can now turn on or off recommended content from the Kindle Store on the Home screen.
  • Smoother sample-to-book experience: When you buy the book after reading the sample, we will now automatically start the book at your last reading location in the sample and remove the sample from your Kindle.
  • Easier access to Settings:  When reading a book, you can now access Settings directly from the menu.
  • Simplified Chinese Support: You can now use your Kindle Paperwhite in Simplified Chinese.
  • Improved Manga:  We’ve added a new Fit-to-Screen Mode that improves the readability of Manga and maximizes the use of your Kindle screen.
  • Page Refresh in Comics and Manga:  You can now specify a page refresh setting for comic books and manga independent of the refresh setting for books.

Whenever an update improves the quality and readability of fonts, I am a happy customer.

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