N2A cards will be “coming soon” for the Nook HD line

Update (12/28): N2A cards are now available!

Nook To Android, a company that makes Android OS boot packages for the Nook Tablet and Nook Color, has recently announced that they will be expanding their product into the Nook HD line “soon.” Currently, N2A offers a DIY direct download for $19.99 or they will go ahead and flash it to a microSD card for you for $29.99.

If you already own a Nook Tablet or Nook Color, and you want to turn it into an Android tablet, order here. N2A has made a good name for itself in the tech community, receiving accolades from PCWorld, cnet, engadget, and The-eBook-Reader.com. They also benefit from good customer reviews at Amazon.com (where you can also order the pre-prepared cards).

For those of you who haven’t heard them before, N2A cards are basically microSD cards that contain the stock Android 4.1 or 2.3.7 OS software loaded on. When you insert an N2A card into your Nook Tablet or Nook Color, the device will take instructions from the card and boot to it first, thus permitting the user to install the Jelly Bean or Gingerbread OS without actually rooting the device and installing it. There is no warranty voiding or risk of bricking as the N2A card does not alter your Nook’s internal memory or coding. Your Nook already looks at your microSD card first when you power it on, the N2A card simply tells it what to do. Just secure the card, power on, and your Nook Tablet becomes a real Android tablet with full access to the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store, and all the non-Nook apps you could possibly desire.

Many people have been pestering N2A about when they will be releasing a package for the Nook HD+, and they have finally given an answer on their Facebook page:

[There is no official date of release yet], and we do not want to confirm something we do not have. Luckily the bootloader is not locked on the HD and HD+ like it is with the Nook Tablet. It took from Nov to Feb to unlock the bootloader for the Nook Tablet. With that being said we hope to know more in 2-3 weeks. I have used both new tablets and I must say the Nook HD+ with an N2A card will arguably be the best Android tablet on the market for the price.

Last year, the Nook Tablet was one of the most closed off tablets you could buy. They blocked third-party apps and locked the bootloader to prevent easy hacking. It seems that the popularity of their devices among techies has caused them to change their security measures, which is a good sign that Barnes & Noble is getting a lot of business from folks who want a rooted Nook. I have read a few posts by hackers who say that the Nook dev team left a huge hole in their software to make stock Android rooting that much easier for the Nook HD and HD+. I wondered if B&N would pay attention to this potential sales magnet, and it appears that they did.

I haven’t owned a N2A card before, and I have seen a number of tech support problems posted by people on the N2A Facebook page, but most users say the product works without a hitch. The biggest issues appear to be with the stability of the device. Apps will crash or the device will freeze, but again, this is not permanent damage and not entirely uncommon with Android OS. Using an N2A card is much safer than rooting your device. N2A also has a great support team and they are quick to respond to Facebook posts.

I will be getting an N2A card for my HD+ as soon as it comes out, and, of course, I will post a review for you.

Image source: screenshot of N2Acards.com

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16 Responses to N2A cards will be “coming soon” for the Nook HD line

  1. Patricia Concannon says:

    I am anxiously waiting for the hd+ n2acard. I have itfor mynookcolor and have never had any trouble with it. It makes a big difference in usefullness.

  2. Benj says:

    Found a review of the HD+ version of n2a over here:
    Performance actually looks pretty good but some major limitations too 😦

  3. Patricia Concannon says:

    Well, I got it and it won’t load. Starts to load and then reverts to nook. Right now I would’t buy. Wait to see if they can fix this issue.

    • Andrew says:

      Interesting. Some people have reported this issue in the past. That and severe battery drain with use. I flirted with the Nook/N2A idea for awhile, but then I got a Nexus 10. One less hoop to jump through to get to that Android goodness. I don’t know what it is, but I just love Android. Any adulteration of it by B&N, Kobo, or Amazon just takes away from my tablet experience. You should contact N2A customer support and see what they offer.

  4. Jill says:

    Will this work with the Nook HD (not HD+)?

  5. Laura Brown says:

    I received a Nook HD 7 for x- mas. I want the google store on it.Please help me out with this issue. I love the Nook. It is awesome.And I’ am not ” tech savy”

    • Andrew says:

      Go to the above link to the N2A cards website. Buy a card, stick it in your microSD slot, and you should be good to go from there.

      • Laura Brown says:

        Good. Thank U. I did not realize the Nook was only a B & N tablet. Or I would have had it returned for one that has Goggle play on it. But if this card will let me do the play store. I will be happy.

        • Andrew says:

          Yea, B&N tablets are notoriously locked into B&N’s own crappy OS and app store. I highly recommend Android OS tablets, but Nook tablets are really top quality when it comes to screen resolution and build. Using an N2A card with a Nook tablet fixes this.

          For more information about tablets or eReaders, visit the-ebook-reader.com

  6. Laura Brown says:

    I just purchased the N2A card for my hook hd. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

    • Andrew says:

      Great! Let me know what you think of it. Glad I could help.

      • Laura Brown says:

        I will let U know. I will probably be asking for tech help with the process anyway. I am not a “techie”.

        • Andrew says:

          Well the N2A process is really easy at least. Just make sure your Nook HD is turned completely off, then insert the card, and turn the device on. The Android OS will boot from the card.

          By the way, were you able to get an N2A card for your Nook HD, or do you have the HD+?

          • Laura Brown says:

            I just purchased one using my model # BNTV400 to purchase it. And they already debited my credit card. So yes I would say they r available for the Nook HD’ s

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