Which eReader or Tablet Should I Buy?

Which eReader or tablet should you buy? It’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and you aren’t sure which device you should purchase. Even as industry pricing drops to an all time low, $199 for a tablet or $120 for an eReader isn’t exactly pocket change. Every name brand website you go to will tell you that its product is the absolute best, and the number of new releases within the past two months can make your search for the perfect gift a little daunting.

If you don’t have the eReader or tablet you are looking to buy right in front of you, it can be hard to know if it’s the one you should purchase. Obviously, physically handling the device and testing out the OS in-person is ideal, but if you don’t have that opportunity, there are other options, like reading my reviews.

E Ink / E Read is getting a lot of foot traffic today, probably due to the number of people searching for information on which eReader or tablet would be right for them. To make it easy for you, I will provide links to all of the review posts I have written about the biggest new gadgets on the market today. If you find this blog useful, please like and subscribe.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader

B&N Nook HD+ tablet

Apple iPad Mini tablet

Kobo Mini 5″ eReader

Sony PRS-T2 eReader

Kobo Glow eReader

New Kindle tablets and eReaders

Android Reading Apps page

Also, check my different categories and tags for posts on the subject you are looking for. There is also a handy ‘search’ feature. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Right now, I really enjoy using my Nook HD+ for tablet reading and web browsing, while the Kindle Paperwhite is my go-to E Ink device at home. I take the Kobo Mini with me on the go, and it is probably the best of the lower priced eReaders. Get one today from Powells.com for $49.00.

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