Kindle Library Adds Random Titles to My Account

I’m not sure what’s going on with my Kindle account, but there have been a few strange things happening lately. Back in August, Fifty Shades of Grey was randomly purchased and downloaded to my Kindle Library. The eBook appeared on my device, and the cost was deducted from my credit card and then immediately returned. This was odd because I have never even visited the Fifty Shades of Grey page on I called customer service and the matter was resolved quickly, but they had no explanation for what could have caused the phantom book buy. The representative dismissed it as a technical error and assured me that my account wasn’t compromised. I still felt a little uncomfortable knowing that a remote purchase took place, computer error or not.

Today, I went to clean out my Kindle Library. Over the years, I have accumulated a large number of free Kindle classics editions (most of them are old Mobipocket classics), but now that I have all of my eBooks stored on Calibre, I wanted to remove them from my cloud. I’m thinking of reviewing the Kindle Fire HD, and I don’t need all of those titles flooding my carousel.

I clicked on “Manage My Kindle” and opened the library only to find about twenty titles written in different languages stored in my cloud archive. Again, this is strange because I have never purchased “Guia do Usuário do Kindle (Portuguese Edition),” “Lo Zingarelli Vocabolario della Lingua Italiana (Italian Edition),” or a Japanese Kindle dictionary. Most of these titles are listed as “unavailable” on their respective pages. There isn’t even a Kindle edition of the Duden Deutsches Universal-wörterbuch for a computer glitch to buy! Luckily, it looks like these eBooks are free dictionaries or Kindle user guides, but why are they in my Kindle account?

I think I will just delete the eBooks and keep an eye on my billing statement. Calling customer support will probably be a waste of time. Now I have to go through the hassle of deleting all of these titles one by one in my Kindle Library. They really need to come up with delete-in-bulk feature for the cloud. If anyone has had similar issues, let me know. It is always good to remember that even big name eBook vendors like Amazon are subject to the whims of program bugs. Always monitor your credit card bill and be on the look out for strange purchases, especially of foreign language Kindle editions that don’t exist.

Maybe there is a scoop here that I’m missing. A few of the eBooks are in Chinese; Amazon will be expanding into their market soon, but that is old news. Who knows.

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8 Responses to Kindle Library Adds Random Titles to My Account

  1. Have you bought a Kindle within the last year? Those dictionaries and user guides are added automatically with any new purchase.

    For example, I got Japanese and Chinese dictionaries with my Paperwhite.

  2. Liz says:

    Yeah, this happened to me to, and I have two chinese edition books that I haven’t ordered. I bought my paperwhite when it came out and those books just appeared about a week ago. I tried to delete them, but they keep coming back. I guess they aren’t causing any issues, but what’s the point? I can’t even add them to my device.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, from what I understand Amazon is pushing those out automatically for international support. Even though we aren’t living in those nations, I guess they want us to have them too. Amazon really needs to fix their Kindle Library user interface. You have to delete ebooks one-by-one in a really annoying, lengthy process. Why they can’t do a check box deleting system (like for email) with their tech is beyond me. My Kindle library on the Amazon page is so cluttered with free books and random dictionaries that I totally ignore it. I wish I could control it more. Thanks for reading.

  3. I have some books in my cloud that I would love to delete for ever. In fact, there are a couple I would like to hunt down and destroy for the good of Mankind. Is it possible to remove books from the cloud? Never managed it myself….

    • Andrew says:

      Not quite sure if this is what you mean (your comment is very cryptic and philosophical), but yes, it is possible to delete files from your Amazon cloud. Just log in, click “Manage My Kindle,” and then click on the little drop-down button that says “Actions,” then delete from library. The problem is that you have to individually do this over and over again. Each time you delete an eBook, the page refreshes and takes you back to the first page. It may be the most frustrating delete system I have ever used. It would take hours to delete a large library of files that way.

      • Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Some free offer books I downloaded weren’t worth the money I didn’t pay for them, and I would love to have them NOT appear in my cloud!

        • Andrew says:

          Excellet! Glad I could help.

          I remember the early days of free Kindle eBooks in ’08-’09. There were some horrible titles, in both content and formatting.

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