Video of the Week: The Future of Android

The Verge interviews Google’s Android team about the new line of Nexus gadgets and the future of Android devices. Highlighted in this video are the Nexus 4 smartphone and the Samsung/Google Nexus 10 tablet. They go over a few features of both devices, but the Android team also provides some crucial insight as to their expectations for future OEM partners.

Google seems to be making it clear that it is up to hardware developers to improve the specifications of their devices in order to continue Android’s market expansion. Everyone knows that this has been an issue for Google in the past; they have a competitive OS ready to be distributed, but there are only a few tablet makers creating equally competitive devices, Asus and Samsung being chief among these. As better devices are created for this software, the Android OS will only continue to gain consumer interest.

I will be posting a review of the Nexus 10 within the next few days.

(I have decided to start a new post category, entitled ‘Video of the Week,’ to share my favorite eReading/tablet/eReader-related videos with my readers. Enjoy.)

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