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Nexus 10 SOLD OUT

I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but the Nexus 10 is sold out over at the Google Play Store. Both the 16 GB and 32 GB models are gone, with no indication as to when they … Continue reading

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Buying eBooks Makes Me Feel Dirty

Most of my relatives know that I love to read, as evidenced by the Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift cards I received for Christmas this year. Both cards were for the sum of $25.00, and, shortly after I got … Continue reading

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Got a New eReader or Tablet for Christmas?

Welcome to E Ink / E Read, a blog of news, reviews, and commentary on eReaders, tablets, and eReading in general. If you have arrived at my site by searching Google for information about the shiny new device you got … Continue reading

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Which eReader(s) Will Be Under Your Tree?

Humanity might have made it through the Mayan’s December 21st deadline, but today marks another doomsday of sorts for those who have been procrastinating their holiday shopping. Yesterday, Saturday, December 22nd, marked the last day that Amazon orders could be … Continue reading

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Tablets Erode Dedicated eReader Sales

Here is an interesting article I read today: “The Tablet is Killing the eBook Reader: Study says shipments to fall 36% this year” – GeekWire Worldwide shipments of dedicated ebook readers such as the E-Ink Amazon Kindle and Barnes & … Continue reading

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The $79 Nook: Sale

The Nook Simple Touch Reader, released in June 2011, was one of the first really good touchscreen E Ink devices on the market. Sony started selling touch eReaders way back in 2009, but models like the PRS-600 had a capacitive … Continue reading

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Tony Bennett Endorses Nook HD—or Does He?

Barnes & Noble has been using a lot of celebrities to ‘boost their street cred’ lately. Unfortunately for me, there is nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing a video of Justin Bieber—being played over and over again on a loop—blasting out … Continue reading

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From $0.99 to $999.00

Have you ever kept an Amazon Marketplace book in your ‘shopping cart’ for a long period of time, only to see that the price varies erratically from day to day? Amazon graciously posts a list of price changes (if any … Continue reading

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How to (Safely) Add Flash to Your Android Tablet

Adobe Flash Player is no longer available for download at the Google Play store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it on your device. Some people will have a greater need for Flash than others. Those who enjoy games … Continue reading

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Google Nexus 10 Initial Review and Impressions

Well, after a few weeks of general apathy towards the new Nexus 10, I finally broke down and placed an order. In previous posts I had mentioned that I was neither here nor there on my desire to own this … Continue reading

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