Which eReader(s) Will Be Under Your Tree?


Humanity might have made it through the Mayan’s December 21st deadline, but today marks another doomsday of sorts for those who have been procrastinating their holiday shopping. Yesterday, Saturday, December 22nd, marked the last day that Amazon orders could be eligible for delivery by Christmas Eve with one-day shipping. If you forgot to order your niece’s Kindle Fire HD in time, the morose and defeated look on her face at Christmas dinner might make you wish that mankind had made its predicted rendezvous with Planet X.

Perhaps you could make it up to her by giving her a Kindle Paperwhite on December 26th instead? After two months of being listed as out of stock or delayed, it appears that the good people at Amazon finally have some units in their warehouses.

Assuming that most of you have your soon-to-be-gifted devices on hand, or even wrapped and ready under the tree, I am interested to know: which eReaders or tablets made it onto your Christmas lists this year?

Were you lucky enough to order a Kindle Paperwhite in back in September? Did you brave the confusion of the Kobo Glo release and track one down at Powell’s? Did the overall versatility of a tablet outweigh your desire to get the latest E Ink device?

What really motivated your purchase?

2012 was a great year for tablets and eReaders. The retina display, the frontlit E Ink screen, the quad-core processor; all of these hardware upgrades turned good devices into great ones. Who really wants to go back to their iPad 2 or Kindle 1? If you are giving a new tablet or eReader as a gift this year, you can feel confident knowing that you are offering your loved one the best that technology has to offer at this point (I can’t say I felt the same way last year).

Giving the gift of an eReader might not seem as personal as giving a book. There is no title page for you to inscribe, no dust jacket image for its recipient to look over. Even so, I am reminded of a commercial that Amazon ran for the Kindle 3 a couple of seasons ago. I think it helps to show how this loss can be compensated for:

An eReader might have a more positive effect on the person you give it to than a regular old book would, especially in the case of a someone who doesn’t consider him or herself to be a ‘book reader.’ Technology has a unique way of making everything more interesting, and when it comes to reading, you can’t go wrong with an eReader or a tablet. I have always felt that I am a better reader today because of the devices that I use to aid me in this process. I highlight, I take notes, and I read things more closely now than I ever have before.

All I needed was the allure of technology to get me motivated. Soon after that, the books took over.

Happy holidays from E Ink / E Read.

Free image from: graphicsfairy.blogspot.com

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2 Responses to Which eReader(s) Will Be Under Your Tree?

  1. ngnrdgrl says:

    Awww! That kindle ad made me almost cry. Wonderful to see a young person that excited to read. 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, I have always loved Kindle commercials.

      I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday, and thanks so much for including a link to my site in one of your posts earlier this year. The help I have received from other bloggers has been key to getting E Ink / E Read off the ground. Much appreciated!

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