E Ink / E Read 2013 Update

It has been about six months since my first post went live on E Ink / E Read, and I must say that writing this blog has been an incredible experience. I hope that the content I have provided here has been useful to you, and that your experiences with eReaders, tablets, and technology are more enjoyable as a result. Prior to this, my ruminations on digital reading and technology were scattered across the comments sections of a dozen different blogs and forums, so it has been nice to finally have a place of my own.

Some good news to announce: Nathan from the-ebook-reader.com has asked me to start writing for The eBook Reader Blog. I have been a regular reader and commenter at that site for a couple of years now, and I am very excited to contribute there. It has always been my favorite eReader reader blog online, and Nathan’s video and written reviews are almost required viewing for anyone interested in eReaders or tablets.

As my work schedule will be pretty heavy over the next couple of months, I have decided to focus my efforts on the-ebook-reader.com. I will still be posting here occasionally, so I am not exactly closing down shop, but for the latest from me, check The eBook Reader Blog.

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