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I will never forget the first time I saw the Amazon Kindle advertised on its website back in 2007. This mysterious device that could pull books out of the air and display text on a paper-like screen captivated my imagination.

I have spent the past six years being obsessed with eReading technology, and have logged countless hours reading the biggest blogs, news, and tech sites that have grown out of the interest in this new reading trend. I believe that the literary shift into the digital age is an important landmark, and one of my favorite topics to write about is how sites like MobileRead, The Digital Reader, TeleRead and others got their start and how they have been built and sustained by a whole community of eReading enthusiasts over the years. Tech blogs and forums bring together those who find joy in the shared experience of reading on computers, tablets, eReaders, mobile phones, and other devices. I have always enjoyed writing, and eReading is one of my favorite topics to blog about.

Along with a unique historical perspective on eReading, my blog offers commentary and criticism on all of the major eReader producers (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Sony, ect), and how their devices are progressing to meet reader’s needs. I will also be posting comparison reviews, new device reviews, and thoughts on the specifications offered by these different brands. I also follow the various tech flaps (antenna gate-type things) and blogosphere events, and offer my own perspective as a consumer, reader, and tech lover.

eReaders & tablets I own or have owned: Amazon Kindle 1, Sony PRS-600, B&N Nook (1st gen), Kindle 3 Wifi, Nook Simple Touch, Sony PRS-T1, Kindle Touch, Sony PRS-300, Sony PRS-950, Kindle Paperwhite, iPad (1st gen), Kindle Fire, iPad 2, Google Nexus 7

I just started my blog about three months ago, so I would love to develop a readership. Please comment on my posts and offer your opinions as well. My favorite thing about tech blogging is getting to hear so many different perspectives about the issues, from regular eReading enthusiasts, such as myself, or from industry insiders. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Small print: No money is made from this website. All content posted is for educational purposes only. All images used are for visual reference, for the benefit of my readers. I like to promote the devices, websites, and resources I have found useful. If you are interested in advertising on E Ink / E Read, contact me at einkeread@gmail.com. I will post your eReading-related advertisments, .gifs, or images FOR FREE. If you have any tips, requests, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to send me an email.