Android Reading Apps

Cool Reader – Massively customizable, this is definitely my favorite Andriod reading app. Cool Reader excitingly supports both Mobi and ePub formats. The only down side is that is uses a very harsh Android serif font, and I can’t figure out how to load any other ones as I am a Mac user and have limited access to my Nexus 7’s files. This app features many different background options, and you can control font size and line spacing in incredible detail. Text-to-speech included. Connects to Fora Dictionary for in-app definitions. ePub (non-DRM), mobi (non-DRM), fb2, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr, doc, pdb formats supported.

FBReader – Another highly detailed application that allows you to customize texts to your preferred specifications. Line spacing and fonts can be fine tuned, and the user interface is easy to navigate. This app supports a wide variety of formats including: epub (non-DRM), rtf, fb2, html, plain text and (partially) mobipocket. Direct reading from zip archives is supported.

Moon+ Reader Pro – The amount of features on this reader makes it a top contender for my favorite Android reading app. Although Cool Reader and FBReader both provide great experiences, Moon+ Reader Pro has an insane amount of customization features, and a beautiful shelf view for your eBooks. Includes text-to-speech, notes, and great backgrounds and color controls. Supports ePub, txt, html, PDF, mobi, umd, fb2, chm, cbr, cbz, rar, zip, and OPDS.

Mantano Reader – I haven’t had a chance to try the pro version of this app. The $6.99 price tag is a little prohibitive, but from the sample features you get on the Lite edition, it looks it might be worth the cost. The most interesting aspect of this app is the shelf-like user interface that includes options to add in-app tags and notes right to the book links. You can organize collections, change themes, and seriously annotate PDFs. Mantano Reader supports Adobe DRM, ePub, and PDF formats.

Aldiko Book Reader Premium – On the tech blogs, Aldiko is one of the most talked about eReading apps for Android. Aldiko’s Premium reader is, well, just okay. In a recent update, Aldiko blocked a third-party whispersync app (Aldiko Sync) that allowed eBooks to be synched between different devices. This made a lot of Aldiko fans rather unhappy, and Aldiko did nothing to replace this feature themselves. They only just recently added bookmark, highlighting, and note-taking features. In my own experience, the eBook shelf view regularly displays blank book covers that don’t lead to files. Aldiko’s Play Store reviews are filled with complaints of disappearing notes and other glitches and malfunctions. It is a popular app, with over 57,000 downloads for the free version, but those who switch to the paid app have only negative things to say in the reviews that I have read. I like Aldiko, but it is not as good as the others apps I have mentioned here. Aldiko supports Adobe DRM, ePub, and PDF documents.


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  1. Setiawan says:

    Are all of those apps free?

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