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Will Random House Lower eBook Prices?

Random House was the only ‘Big Six’ publisher to escape being named in the ongoing eBook price-fixing lawsuit levied by the US Department of Justice. They implemented the same agency pricing model that inflated eBook prices and made their cost … Continue reading

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Buying eBooks Makes Me Feel Dirty

Most of my relatives know that I love to read, as evidenced by the Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift cards I received for Christmas this year. Both cards were for the sum of $25.00, and, shortly after I got … Continue reading

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38,000 Free Classic eBooks Android App

I came across this application on today. It offers 38,000 free public domain eBooks, all organized within a table of contents directory. From the screen shots that the developers provided, it looks like you can either read the eBooks … Continue reading

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The Demise of Fictionwise

This past weekend I was saddened to learn that Fictionwise, one of the longest-running vendors of eBooks on the Internet, has announced that it will be “winding down” its operations over the next few weeks and that all sales will … Continue reading

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Chinese eReaders demand ultra-low eBook prices

Today on The Digital Reader blog, Nate Hoffelder contributed a post about the Chinese eBook market and some of the issues it has been having in gaining traction with consumers. Apparently, eBook readers are not as popular in China as … Continue reading

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