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The Apple Newton getting started video

The personal ‘tablet’ computer has come a long way since its grandfather, the Psion Organizer II, was introduced in 1984. Prior to the release of the first PDAs, the idea of having a small computer that you could hold entirely … Continue reading

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The iPad Mini in Comparison

It is official: the iPad Mini has the worst screen resolution of any major tablet available on the market today, including a slew of last year’s tablets. The Kindle Fire 1st gen, the Nook Touch, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, … Continue reading

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Amazon RIPS iPad Mini on home page

Amazon is blatantly, yet rightfully, ripping the iPad Mini, right on its amazon.com homepage! The side-by-side comparison of the iPad Mini and 7″ Kindle Fire HD should be incredibly effective in persuading first-time tablet buyers. Clearly, the Kindle Fire has … Continue reading

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The New iPad Mini: not good news for readers

The iPad Mini (Apple’s first foray into the 7″ tablet market) was announced today. Woooooo . . . I guess after hearing rumors and speculations about this device for over a year, I am a little underwhelmed. My lack of … Continue reading

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$200 Android tablet with RETINA display. That’s right. Retina display.

Cube, a Chinese tablet manufacturer, is touting their forthcoming release of the U9GT5, a 9.7″ Android 4.1 tablet that will feature a 2048 x 1536 retina display with 264 PPI. In case those screen specifications don’t ring a bell with … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled by dummy iPad Mini reviews

iPad Mini news was abuzz today on the tech blogs. No, a pre-release model did not find its way into the hands of a lucky reviewer, but instead the hopes and dreams of iFans may have been crushed a little … Continue reading

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Fake Bruce Willis / iTunes article makes a good point

Probably the funniest article I read today involved a false story about Bruce Willis put out by the London tabloid, The Daily Mail. According to the Mail Online post: The Hollywood action hero is said to be considering legal action … Continue reading

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New iPhone 5 video simulation

Apple junkies have been producing some really interesting video simulations of what future devices might be like. I have previously featured an iPhone 5 simulation on this blog, but here is a new (and more feasible) rendering of how the … Continue reading

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My iPhone 4S is too small

My iPhone 4s is just too small. The 3.5 inch screen might be good for navigating through texts and making phone calls, but when it comes to web surfing, eReading, and video watching, it leaves much to be desired. Recently … Continue reading

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Apple vs. DoJ Lawsuit

Yesterday, Apple Inc. filed a “memoradum of law” with the New York federal court presiding over the Department of Justice’s collusion case against the “Big Six” publishers and Apple. This was a revealing (and mercifully short) statement of protest against … Continue reading

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