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The $79 Nook: Sale

The Nook Simple Touch Reader, released in June 2011, was one of the first really good touchscreen E Ink devices on the market. Sony started selling touch eReaders way back in 2009, but models like the PRS-600 had a capacitive … Continue reading

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Tony Bennett Endorses Nook HD—or Does He?

Barnes & Noble has been using a lot of celebrities to ‘boost their street cred’ lately. Unfortunately for me, there is nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing a video of Justin Bieber—being played over and over again on a loop—blasting out … Continue reading

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B&N and Amazon Offer Good Tablet Deals – Cyber Monday

Amazon managed to get its name at the top of today’s shopping headlines by offering an impressive discount on the second-sort-of-first generation Kindle Fire. Their Cyber Monday “FIREDEAL” offers the slightly upgraded original Kindle Fire for just $129.00 USD. This … Continue reading

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Which eReader or Tablet Should I Buy?

Which eReader or tablet should you buy? It’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and you aren’t sure which device you should purchase. Even as industry pricing drops to an all time low, $199 for a tablet or $120 for an eReader … Continue reading

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The Demise of Fictionwise

This past weekend I was saddened to learn that Fictionwise, one of the longest-running vendors of eBooks on the Internet, has announced that it will be “winding down” its operations over the next few weeks and that all sales will … Continue reading

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