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Will Random House Lower eBook Prices?

Random House was the only ‘Big Six’ publisher to escape being named in the ongoing eBook price-fixing lawsuit levied by the US Department of Justice. They implemented the same agency pricing model that inflated eBook prices and made their cost … Continue reading

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Microsoft Sued for Misrepresenting Surface Storage

Here is an interesting story I read today: A California attorney is suing Microsoft because the Surface RT tablet he bought only gives him 16GB of storage instead of the advertised 32GB, according to news reports in USA Today and … Continue reading

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Political rant posted on . . . TeleRead???

Today, I was shocked to find that one of my favorite eBook/eReader blogs, TeleRead, had posted an ultra-conservative political rant, based on the premise that it was commentary on the DoJ vs. Big Six price fixing case. The author, a … Continue reading

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Fake Bruce Willis / iTunes article makes a good point

Probably the funniest article I read today involved a false story about Bruce Willis put out by the London tabloid, The Daily Mail. According to the Mail Online post: The Hollywood action hero is said to be considering legal action … Continue reading

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Apple vs. DoJ Lawsuit

Yesterday, Apple Inc. filed a “memoradum of law” with the New York federal court presiding over the Department of Justice’s collusion case against the “Big Six” publishers and Apple. This was a revealing (and mercifully short) statement of protest against … Continue reading

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