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Got a New eReader or Tablet for Christmas?

Welcome to E Ink / E Read, a blog of news, reviews, and commentary on eReaders, tablets, and eReading in general. If you have arrived at my site by searching Google for information about the shiny new device you got … Continue reading

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Google Nexus 10 Initial Review and Impressions

Well, after a few weeks of general apathy towards the new Nexus 10, I finally broke down and placed an order. In previous posts I had mentioned that I was neither here nor there on my desire to own this … Continue reading

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ABA really answers “Where to Buy” the Kobo Glo

For some reason, Kobo is still not advertising that almost 450 independent booksellers across the United States are now stocking the Kobo Glo. Even with Black Friday coming up at the end of the week, Kobo is basically ignoring the … Continue reading

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I’m not the only one confused by Kobo

Apparently I’m not the only one confused by the schizophrenic way in which Kobo has brought out their new eReaders. It’s good to know that I’m not just being unreasonable in my expectations. I’m sure that there are more dedicated … Continue reading

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Kobo no longer selling eReaders from their website?

Some very strange things have been going on with Kobo lately. First, they guerrilla-launched their new Kobo Mini, Kobo Glo, and Kobo Arc devices on the same morning as Amazon’s September 6th press conference. Then, weeks went by without any … Continue reading

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New Nook HD+ initial review and impressions

Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD and HD+ tablets were introduced to the tech community back on September 26th, 2012, and were given a scheduled release date of November 1st. Within the past few weeks, that release has been postponed until … Continue reading

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Introducing NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ (video)

This video just popped up on my YouTube account. Looks like B&N is getting into the HD tablet game. Nothing about a new E Ink eReader yet, but perhaps that will be coming soon. I’m not sure I like the … Continue reading

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